ME, YOU, WE & Diversity

We fear what we don't know. No matter what country or culture we come from or what color our skin is, we all have this primal fear of the unknown. This diffuse fear that we share is also the thing that separates us from one another. Hardly any other topic is as charged with such controversy, polarization, doubt and inhibitions as the topic of integration. With her book, 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other, Susan Omondi sets out to overcome the rifts that divide us. Profound, touching and always humorous, the Kenyan-born author tells stories from her everyday life, raises awareness of racism and sheds light on the perspectives of both immigrants or “non-locals” and locals. As an author, keynote speaker, moderator and trainer, Omondi’s main focus is on diversity in the workplace and the great professional and human opportunities that come with overcoming our fears and prejudices. She lives out the motto: "When we engage with one another, magic happens".
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Auteur_Voornaam....: Susan
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